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News - Wednesday, 18th February, 2015

The opening of a £13m iSTEM centre at Preston’s College in September has inspired its hair and beauty students to get creative by developing, manufacturing and packaging their own shampoo.

The ‘Shamplify’ project formed part of the College’s commitment to project-based learning by giving its Level 2 Women’s Hairdressing students the chance to work outside of the classroom and think like a cosmetic scientist.

Partnering with local personal care product manufacturer, Royal Sanders, gave an authentic insight into what’s involved in the manufacturing of commercial hair care products.

Split into eight groups, learners were tasked to conceive a range a shampoos suitable for all hair types. With a brief to use only natural ingredients, they developed their own unique recipes and explored the performance and appeal of each product.

Working on site at Royal Sanders’ Preston-based headquarters gave insight into the health and safety requirements affecting commercial hair care products, and gained hands-on experience of the manufacturing process from initial development through to production, quality assurance and packaging.

To ensure the products adhered with strict health and safety guidelines around the manufacture of shampoo, Royal Sanders added necessary preservatives to the learners’ original recipes to create products that were true their creations yet were safe to sell to the general public.

Liane Whiteside, hairdressing lecturer at Preston’s College, said: “The Shamplify project was a huge success, with the students really getting their teeth into the technical side of hair and beauty to develop a product that was not only of a high quality, but also fit for use.

“As a college, we’re committed to nurturing connections with local employers and using their knowledge and experience to provide our students with a greater understanding of the world of work and we would like to thank Royal Sanders for providing their time and resources on the project.

“On the back of such great gains, we’re rolling out the same project-based learning initiative to all our students on Level 1, 3 and 4 Hairdressing Diplomas.”

The initiative also embodied the College’s ethos of sharing expertise between departments, by involving the science department in the development of the products and enabling graphic design learners to help create labels and packaging.

The end product, named Elements, went on sale at the department’s new training salon during a recent event, with the students receiving all financial gains and being awarded a prize in innovation and enterprise for their inspiring efforts.

Cassie Blackburn, 17, from Garstang and a student at Preston’s College, added: “I really enjoyed getting out of the classroom and having the chance to work with a real hair and beauty business and see the journey of how beauty products are created.”

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