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Are you future proofing your Career?

News - Wednesday, 25th November, 2015

Future-proofing your career means ensuring you are as employable in the future as you are now!

You need to think about your job strategically, rather than just going with the flow and seeing what happens. Find out what’s happening in your sector; where’s the growth; which jobs are vulnerable; how do you measure up?

This doesn’t just apply to managers or business owners, this applies to anyone in any type of job. Being ahead of the career curve is essential to ensure you’re protected in both the long and short term.

The world is evolving, don’t get left behind
As the world evolves, your technical skills will have an ever shorter lifespan and you constantly need to learn. Identify how your skills can transfer to other industries, the idea being that if your role disappears, you have other options.

Re-write your CV every year; if you can’t think of something new to put on it, you need to think about where you’re going.

Look at your organisation and your sector
You should be working in an organisation that’s facing the future head on rather than one whose best years are behind it. The same is true of your sector. You want an industry which is driving change, rather than one that is being pummelled by it.

Work on your relationships
People often view building working relationships as a luxury when times are tough. But being liked and trusted can be more of a differentiator than being competent. Keep in touch with your network and ensure you’re visible and easy to find. A network that extends beyond your workplace and includes clients and competitors is useful for career development and change.

The personal side involves identifying who and what can help you move forward in your career and working on these relationships; an example might be knowing what is important to not just your boss, but also your boss’s boss. Don’t forget office gossip either: it is often a better guide to what will be happening in three months’ time than the official channels.

How being adaptable and agile can be of benefit
Rather than having the mindset of someone who is happy to serve out their time, be psychologically ready to move and the kind of person who lands on their feet; a realistic idea of your abilities and what they’re worth will help. Focus on the positives and be optimistic; when companies look at making redundancies, those who have an upbeat, can-do attitude are very rarely first in line.

Broadly speaking there are two aspects to being ahead of the curve. One is informational. At its most basic, this is simply keeping up with the news that affects your industry. But those who truly want to be ahead will also keep abreast of areas that are either general or tangentially affect their industry. Being up to speed on general current affairs and areas beyond your immediate role is a good thing in itself, but is also likely to give you greater insights and vision.

ROI Solutions – Supporting you to future proof your career and your business
At ROI Solutions, we’re building more and more of our courses around the real needs of employers. However, we also understand that that training is just one way in which we can support business growth. As part of our aim to support local business development in every way we can, we provide a range of additional services to all the employers we work with including advice on funding, signposting you to relevant sector information and free vacancy advertising.

Make an Appointment with one of our Business Relationship Managers to undertake a FREE Training and Business Needs Analysis or speak to one of our Advisors who can talk to you about our complete range of Career and CPD Courses including both taught and E-Learning courses!

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Don’t wait until 2016, don’t leave your career to chance, start future proofing yourself right now!

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